From the desk of Clinton Obene!

Having served as this group's first President from 1995 through 1997, I am proud to say that I have remained involved ever since.

I was new in Tulsa. We did not know too many people. Having relocated from Houston, TX, where we knew a lot of people, my wife and I were thrilled to know that there actually is a community of Nigerians in Tulsa, OK.

It was a Sunday. Church service had just ended and we were walking to our car when a gentleman, dressed like a Nigerian, approached us and gave us a flyer. It was an invitation to join him at a coffee house so we can discuss starting a Nigerian group in Tulsa.

That gentleman is Joseph Osondu.

Although Joe no longer lives in Tulsa, I can definitely say that his initial effort is the reason this group exists today.

UNAT has progressed since those early years. Here are just a few of what we've done:

A Nigerian Diplomat once told us that what we do is actually what the Nigerian Consulates are supposed to be doing. Our members work very hard to support their families and still find time to volunteer when asked.

For those of you who live in the Greater Tulsa area, we strongly encourage you to come be part of what is happening at UNAT. We, especially, urge you millennials to consider coming in to take over this organization's responsibilities because many of us would really like to transition these accomplishments over to you.

We enjoy seeing you are UNAT party events, but we do want you to become more involved. With your knowledge, you can make UNAT better.

Since my Presidency years, I have strived to give us a permanent public face via this website. I am sure there are many of you who can offer your assistance.

United Nigeria Association of Tulsa (UNAT) is a wonderful organization for Nigerians in Tulsa. While we do hold occasional party events, our main goal is helping us get connected to one another.

That is a good thing.

God Bless Nigeria.
God Bless USA.
God Bless UNAT.

Clinton Obene
IT/Web Support, United Nigeria Association of Tulsa